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Who We Are

Aside from online shops, Blushing Pearl is a design studio that can custom-tailor a design for you or your business. Being a smaller business has it's perks. This means a closer relationship with  you and more attention to your needs. What ever design needs you require, I would love to brainstorm your ideas with you!  I not only design for letterpress printing, I design for apparel and print as well. If you have not done so already, please take a peek at my design portolio here 

Blushing Pearl offers printing by letterpress with existing design work.  Or I can re-work design files for your own personal or business use . I can also work with you to create a new or updated identity/brand. There are many possibilities!

Some of my clients appreciate the exquisite art of letterpress printing and would love to see their tailored designs printed using this vintage method. I print on a Chandler & Price 8 x 12 platen press. You can see the scrubbing beautification process here. If you have never seen one of these in action, it's pretty intense. Check out the action video! This vintage print style creates a  tactile and sophisticated looking impression of your design onto 100% cotton fiber paper.

"Privileged" is Blushing Pearl's custom design service. I would like to work with you in creating a fully customized design that best suits your personality or the look of your business. I can work within your budget and am very easy to work with. I am open to your ideas and will collaborate with you to help make your design elements a visual masterpiece. Contact Blushing Pearl  to get started!